Backup Power Source, Inc. is a NAFTA CERTIFIED, SVDOSB, and SAM REGISTERED small business company that was incorporated in 2002 and is based in Slayton, Minnesota. Larry Henderson, a former bank executive, serves as president. The remaining staff serve as design engineers, marketing and sales agents, with fabricators and warehouse personal providing support. Backup Power Source currently has over 30 dealers which include Northern Tool & Equipment Company, Fastenal, and WW Grainger. Backup Power Source, Inc. offers a line of twenty eight standardized systems that include battery backup systems, battery backup on and off grid solar systems and solar add on kits. They offer a robust system design staff that is increasingly becoming the backbone of the company accounting for nearly half of the current volume. The designed systems involve a detailed analysis of the customers’ needs that are either paired with a standard unit with the addition of solar, wind, and or hydro as well as fossil fuel generators to give the end user the exact unit they require. Backup Power Source, Inc. is also affiliated with GE and offers UPS systems through them. Backup Power Source, Inc. has served the needs of customers throughout the United States, Canada, Africa, and South America, with a noticeably growing client base in the Caribbean. Early on their customers consisted mainly of residential users. While residential is still the base consumer commercial end users are quickly gaining, as large projects are becoming the norm.